... The Money is Always in the List...

Dear aspiring Internet Marketers,

My name is Charles Duffy and for 4 years I've been making a full time income working online. I still remember the day I purchased my first eBook online.  The author was Ewen Chia who was and still is considered one of the top affiliate marketers online.   He kept saying over and over "the money is in the list."  I never really understood at first exactly what he meant by that but now I find myself the one telling my students over and over again "the money is in the list!"

It's true!  It's estimated that over 50% of your customers make their decision after receiving their first e-mail from you.

Think about it.... that's huge!  If you decided to simply ignore this page and forget about list building all together then you are simply throwing away 50% of the total profits your online business will ever make.

What can building a list do for you and your business?

Allows you to automatically send out follow up messages to your visitors to keep them informed and excited about your website and offering.

Helps you to build a relationship with the visitors to your website in order to turn them from a visitor into a paying customer!

Allows you to constantly communicate with your customers every time you want to make an announcement or launch a new product.

Increases profits by at least 50%

The reality is that even today, in 2011, e-mail is still KING online.  99.99% of consumers have an e-mail address that they check regularly online.   If your messages aren't making their way to consumer's e-mails online then you don't stand a chance at surviving online. 

Let me ask you something...

Would you be willing to give me just one hour for the next week to learn EVERY method, secrets, and step I've used for the past 4 years to pull in thousands of dollars per month using list building?

If your answer is YES, then please click on the link below to start learning my Strategic List Building method that is proven to turn visitors into BUYERS!

This is NOT:

A Spamming Method

 Buying e-mails list

 Unethical in any way

So, what is this?  What will I be doing?

My strategic list profits method will show you exactly how to build an e-mail list on any website or blog you have online.  This e-mail list will allow you to build a relationship with each and every visitor that comes to your website and joins your mailing list.  The result?  Increased leads, customers, and profits!

Here's just some of what you'll learn inside my Strategic List Profits course:

Why You NEED To Build A Mailing List

Quick Profit Opportunities You Can Take Advantage Of Once You Build A Mailing List

Preparing Yourself To Building A Profitable Mailing List

Keys You Must Know To Succeed In Profiting With Mailing Lists

Why You NEED A Sales Funnel To Do All The Work For You!

How To Find Potential Subscribers