About Me

Hello,   I’m   Charles Duffy and  I  have  a  story  for  you, 

Back in   early 2007 I started searching the web for a way to start an online business.

I  had  been   out  of  work  for  several  years due to   a  near  life  ending  injury  sustained back 2001 I  remember coming across a very interesting   internet  marketing blog  the  blog owner was  Ewen  Chia  one of the  top  affiliate  marketers in the  world who  has a reputation for being an honest  marketer who  gets  big results. The one thing I remember from reading through his  blog posts  was him saying over and  over  the money is in the  list   the money is in the list I know he wasn’t trying to  sound like a  broken  record but he couldn’t emphasize that  point enough   and  he was right  The money is absolutely in the  list, So  I  bought an ebook  he was selling on  list  building and  I haven’t looked back ever since   building an  opt in list  gives you  incredible  leverage  online  it allows you to cultivate relationships with your subscribers  then  offer them   great  products  which you get to  keep   a  commission  from. When you’re marketing online without a list you have one opportunity to make a sale whereas if you own an email list you can mail to that list whenever you’re promoting a product. This is how I went from searsearching for a way to earn money online to making more than I’d ever thought was possible. I started this website to teach others to do the same and show them how to build their own email list and turn that list into lasting profits that can provide them with financial security and peace of mind.
That is exactly what it has done for me I  don’t answer to  a  boss   I  know  that all  I  have to  do  is  send a  promotion to  my  list  and I  can sign my own  paycheck   that’s  financial security  when you’re the boss and you tell yourself what to do   sure  I thought about getting a   regular 40  hour a week  job    but to be  honest I  really  wasn’t too  excited about busting  my   rear end so someone else  could  get  rich I read everything and anything I  could find about online marketing  and came to the conclusion that building a list was the best way to  ensure  long term  profits  I now enjoy the comfort of  knowing that I  can always generate income whenever  I  need to   just  by  emailing  my  list  it’s  not exactly  merely pushing a  button  but it  feels  like that’s all it  takes  and I can enjoy as much free time with  my  family as  I  want  since  I’m  not  tied to  a  desk.      

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